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American Motors Corporation (AMC) - American automotive corporation , which existed from 1954 to 1987 . The company was founded January 14, 1954 [1] Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company. At that time it was the largest merger in the United States . Since 1970 , all cars American Motors AMC brand get along with new logos. Years 1970-1978 sold 670 thousand units Gremlin - the first North American subcompact car. Hornet, Unreleased until 1977 , was one of the best sellers along with AMC Rambler Classic. In 1977 Gremlin exposed restyling , received a new grille, headlights and other changes . AMC provides a more economical 4-cylinder engine , created by Volkswagen- Audi, 2.0-liter . However, this engine is too expensive for the AMC Gremlin and saves as a base less expensive but also less efficient engine in volume of 3,8 l . In 1979, the Spirit sedan replaced Gremlin.

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